For a long time, I’ve been telling my friends that I would write a blog about media, philosophy, and stuff. One day. Then I put it off for about 3 years. Well now, after anxiously thinking about my career in my last year in university, I decided to create a blog about our entertainment and the world it reflects. Or rather I was obligated to do it for a school course.

Ahem. Big Time Writes (BTW) is primarily a film and TV blog, with hints of existential philosophy. It’s the “by the way” of internet film and TV reviews. But for what it’s worth, everything I write on this blog is my 100% honest beliefs and opinions, and that’s more than I can say about most online journalism these days.

Expect many changes and upgrades to this blog for the years to come, and enjoy your stay!

-Big Time

3 comments on “About
  1. The Asshole says:

    I will enjoy my stay here, friend.

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  2. Aaleen says:

    Do you have an opinion on consumerism with the black weekend that passed.


    • I’m not too fond of consumerism as a whole, but shopping holidays (like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc.) are usually created by corporations to maximize profits, not because the people themselves wanted a holiday. I can’t really blame someone for being a consumer when the idea of buying unnecessary goods was pushed onto them by big businesses.


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