Some of the posts that I have uploaded on this blog carry similar themes, but outside of the Categories on the sidebar (Film and TV reviews, Big Time Philosophy, etc.), there are no ways to group similar posts into a series. Except through tags and subcategories, but let’s be honest, those aren’t as accessible.

Thus, this page is for a bunch of posts that I want to organize into anthologies. Although the anthologies that you see on this page may be incomplete, I intend to write new posts that expand on the same theme. Click the links to read more!

The Digital Culture Anthology

  1. Confessions of a Facebook Introvert
  2. The Comedy of Conceptual Art
  3. Universal Virtual Space
  4. Progressive Racism and the Politically Incorrect
  5. Pornography
  6. Hacktivism and Project Mayhem
  7. Video Games: Part 1
  8. Video Games: Part 2
  9. To be continued…

The Politics Anthology

  1. Demagogues
  2. The 2016 US Election
  3. Combating Partisan Politics
  4. To be continued…
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